Monday, November 10, 2014

Lift Me Up From the Ground

I hear the angels voices
Whispering into my senses
Touching my empty soul with soothing caress
Saving my life from darkness
Through the night I am full of bitterness.

Lift me up from the ground
I'm falling down on the ground
Nobody offers their willing hand
They treat me as a hollow dead
There's wickedness in their crazy head
They owed me debts they never pay
Distorted my life like the pliant clay.

Place a candles in my grave
Lift me up to higher ground
Sing me a song with the newest sound
I want heaven to be my destiny
Because life here on earth is full of misery
Fly away to the skies
Get lost from man's eyes
Grasp the things which you cannot see
Help me to be free!

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