Tuesday, November 11, 2014


How can I break the strings of love
Into my whole being, holding me tight
It seems like a chain
A chain that controls the pulse of my veins
It gives me a lingering pain
Because I am a prisoner of my affections
Sometimes it is like a needle
That hurts as it pricks my finger
Where the blood will whisper
That it will be healed by the touch
Of someone who truly cares.

How can I grasp the depths of the sea
Unfathomable love is what i am willing
To offer, if only I'll find the one
Yes, I'm a restless explorer
In the midst of the vast ocean
Looking for the light of undying sunshine
A lover who always confronts danger
Because love is full of mystery and disaster
But for you I will offer my only life
To be tied in heartstrings
Don't cut it with a knife
Don't break my heart
Hold on to it like a string of kite.

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