Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Infernal Love

It appears as malevolent demon that confuses and perverts all everything.
-Arthur Schopenhauer, Father of Pessimism

There is a devil in your heart
That is turbulent from the very start
A dangerous feeling that men always impart
In every song, in every form of art.

You think that love is really pure
Because of beauty that looks demure
Like a sexy lady with good posture
Every one of us is seeking for adventure.

Once you loved a woman who is full of sweetness
Treated as heaven-sent that gives happiness
But on the other side shes an angel of darkness
She mocked you, the reason for your bitterness.

Yes, love is a gift that comes from above
But other people treat you like a rag
Because of love most of us becomes mad
Our lives devastated and we are sad.

You set your soul into the blazing fire
You killed yourself because of stupid desire
Drinking medicine that has already expired
Through your suicidal tendencies, bullets have been fired.

We cannot extinguish that great conflagration
It seems that there's an eternal damnation
The human soul is in the world of abjection
Which no one can save, not even your religion.

Because of love others scream and scrawl
They bang their heads against the wall
Love is the root cause of many troubles
With dangerous obsessions they always fall.

Inside your dark room you hear the voice of the demon
True love cant be found in this gloomy afternoon
You have lost your faith as you become forlorn
Your soul is weary, traveling the journey of no return.

At the mad lovers lane there's a bloodshed
Cause your heart is full of pain and wounded
If you only have a gun maybe you'll shoot your head
But you still love her even you are embedded.

In everyday life you face many struggle
But this is foolishness, not an obstacle
You have so many luggage like a thin camel
In the breast of a woman you cant suckle.

You considered them as sex object
This is the conclusion that you want to inject
So there's no man would regret nor reject
No lady would hurt you and inflict.

To love and to hate and to condemn
To throw away and trash every false gem
Just curse its meaning and emblem
Infernal love burned the gracious emotions from heaven

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