Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shivering Summer

My heart is melting this summer time
I am burning through the heat of sunshine
Whatever I do I cannot read between each line
I am drinking under the spirit of wine.

I feel that I am walking in the beach
But I only fell to this dirty ditch
The promises of my love has been broken
She cannot take me anymore because she is brazen.

Yesterday our love was sweet and cool as ice cream
Very poetic like Shakepeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
For me she was perfect and gentle
But she turned cruel and off me docile.

I am longing for the pure and white sand
To search myself and to understand
As I stand in front of a gloomy pound
I am weak to recover and to stand.

The gulls and eagles were already gone
I cannot even find the turkey nor swan
The surrounding have turned into gray
As the scent of daffodils took me away.

The sun bean that shines on me has no ray
Other people say that I am gay
Crying over a girl who always play around
Who owes many debts but can never be found.

I feel cold in this shivering summer
It seems that everyday reminds of winter
Because my love is really a heart-breaker
Who left me in the midst of a breakwater.

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