Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Your saccharin smile as sweet as honey bee
When I think of you I feel the glory
I'm a person who obtained liberty
All the hardships of life are vanished rapidly
The obscured moments are gone, I found lucidity.
Your innocent beauty told me what is the truth
An extraordinary feeling that can't contort
From the tree of heart, you're the undying root
The foliage of love are splendor and truth
Blissfulness of heaven, this is the fruit
No other love that can be allowed to sprout.

Your eyes are wonderful and spectacular
A landscape in the sky, brightening like the star
You shaped my zigzag path into rectangular
Through my life you are the sturdy pillar
I engraved your name like indelible scar
Since I'm in love with you I became peculiar.

With my affection for you, no one can transcend
In its rigidity who can twist or bend?
It's very deep that others can't comprehend
The only thing I knew I never pretend
My whole days and hours I want to spend
In your open arms, I will always depend.

In the midst of the night I sing a serenade
Because of you this poem was made
It will light you up like a lampshade
A symbol that my love will not evade
To love you wholeheartedly, don't be afraid
For I am faithful and not a renegade.

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