Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This Time I'll Cry

I’m living in this violent world
With many wars and revolutions
I hate all the bad things
That always happening to me.

You’d said that you’re for peace
But why are you against the world
And believe in a good dialogue
But why do you like the wars.

Once I've said to myself
That I’ll never cry again
But our system is killing me
The bullshit things makes me cry.

This tine I’ll cry
For you and for me
This time I’ll cry
For our country.

I want you to gone if there’s no
change in your life
And live forever in my own way
I salute all the people who want
true freedom
And I want to stay democracy forever.

I’m not an army and not a rebel
I’m only a simple person
Who wanna live in a peaceful society
To have peace is to have love.

Before you go to another fight
Do you think that I am right?
Before the other day will comes
Back to the true essence of being human.

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