Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cry, Cry, Cry the Butterfly

Cry, cry, cry the butterfly
In the meadow he already died
Because in his life he aimed high
To free himself in the sky.

Cry, cry, cry the butterfly
I wanna say forever goodbye
While I’m singing this lullaby
A song of requiem, shrouded of killer smile.

The wings of butterfly were wrecked
When he tried the flower to pick
The rain was poured that made him sick
He was bitten by hundreds of insects.

The shivering winter was too cold
Once in our lives we were strong and bold
Even the heaven we want it to hold
We want to conquer the whole world.

We searched for love that not for us
Like an airplane in the sky that crushed
On our face we have a colorful mask
We have sorrow in the coming of the dusk.

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