Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When Loves Become Hate

I hate to see you again
Because you only caused me pain
I gave you my innermost love and respect
But you only looked upon me as an insect.

Once in my life I became your disciple
Inside my heart I built a majestic temple
I treated you like a beautiful goddess
I cannot control such kind of craziness.

I wished that you'll be mine, upon a shooting star
But you wrecked me like a broken jar
I was wrong to lift you on high
Because you're the girl who always tell a lie.

In your arms there is no miracle
In my hands you placed a deadly shackle
You imprisoned me in a bleeding castle
I am going mad from the dungeon of hassle.

When love becomes hate
I gave up my trust and faith
But it is sad o think that it's too late
Because of you I entered an empty gate.

Lonesome and dreary without a soul mate
With a piece of shit you made me wait
Love is a fire that burned my soul
Because you put me down and made me a fool
Hatred engulfed me like he deepest sea
It will take a long time before I'll free.

When I Look at myself in the mirror
I think that I lost my honor
I remember you, my greatest predator
You drained all my happiness and vigor.

I regret the day I loved you
Wishing that I have never met you
Between us there is a deadlock
I will never come with our nor take you back.

I hate you! To forgive you is not easy
Shame on you!Your behavior is wily
I wish someone will give you cariƱo brutal
Because you're such a f_cking animal!

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