Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Till the Angel Voices Awake Us

Mortal being of this entire universe
We have in common, our ways are reverse
We are inking of great pride by ourselves
Everyone is conflict, why don’t we shelve?
Others said, human is shining like a star
It’s hard to reach when he has gone very far
They’re drank from selfishness and ambition
Until the material world will be in dominion.

Stop hallucination of grandeur
Being self-conceited must be cured.

But in reality, our thoughts are only narrow
Dead man walking, the soul is hallow
We are only wounding our hearts with sorrow
We targeting our bodies with deadly arrow.

Look at the sky and the crimson has come
Moonlit drives us crazy, feeling handsome
Our spirit is overwhelming of power
From this ecstasy we are over and over.

 ‘Till the angel voices awake us
Heaven’s authority is always steadfast
Angel of darkness will not rule until the last
It will fly away like a gust.

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