Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blind Season

Why have I felt this kind of love?
A feeling that kills me like a stab
That’s why my heart will stop into his throb
All seems darkness, my mind have no bulb.
Is this the will of the wind and destiny?
To give me mordant jerk, conveys misery
I’m dying for love that she can’t feel nor see
From those craziness it’s hard to flee.

I’m a mad man whose blind for the truth
For the sake of love, so many things that I distort
If I’m only a fetus I wish someone could abort
Because I’m always lost in this sort of sport.

I’m not a selfish and lascivious man
I’m not craving for lust, to have sex for fun
I was somersaulted when I was down in the farm
My true love hurt me and made me damned.

The beautiful lady deceived my eyes
Her smile and kindness to me in disguised
I said to myself that there would be no cries
But I’m suffused with tears because of her lies.

I listened to the dirge of a broken bell
In the heaven that I conceived, I fell
Because I was denounced of my ideal angel
Blind season in my life, blazing like a hell!

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