Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Don't Want to Hear a Love Song

I don't want to hear a love song
While listening to radio at home
It only makes me sad while I'm alone
I don't want to touch my emotion.

Mr. DJ can make a request
Play the music that I always quest
Give me triumphant song during my rest
Although I knew that I'm not the best.

Love song gives hope and serenity
It will makes people smile and happy
But sometimes it will drive you crazy
When you're hurt by the one you
love wholeheartedly.

Do you know to love is to die?
"Too much love will kill you"
as song goes by
Because one day in your life you'll cry
You'll regret why you gave the heaven and the sky.

Love song doesn't make you escape
It only reminds your big mistake
Once you had gamble and stake
But the love you won is only a fake.

I don't want to hear a flamboyant word
For I know that this is a deceiver world
In my mind, love song cannot aboard
I destroyed them like a broken chord.

Sail me at the ocean of oblivion
I don't want to sink into my premonition
Oh, tell me what's the right radio station
I don't want to remember the person
who made a treason.

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