Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Risk Taker

I am not placing myself in a safer place
Just to slumber while dreaming of a psydo peace
The risk taker does not sleep while everybody takes a rest
An adventurer who always capture everything that is best.
I am not afraid to lose myself
Even when I see the face of death
I know that even with pain, life is still so sweet
In front of danger I can hold my breath.

Yes, I am a risk taker
‘Coz through my hardships I’ve got the power
A power to conquer all of my fears
For I hate to waste my precious tears.
Sometimes I make the wrong decision
But this is not a reason to stop the action
My frustrations lead me to destroy all setbacks
I will win as long as I am on the right track.

Pity to those cowards who are afraid of strife
Always wanting and asking for an easy life
In the face of little troubles they want to escape
They are victims of their own mind’s rape.
So, what are you waiting for, take also the risk!
In every deep ocean there are many fishes
Do not limit yourself wallowing in a shallow river
Experience new things that will make you better.

1 comment:

Jeni G said...

Been a while since I've read poetry in blogs. Lovely piece! Very interesting. I'm a risk-taker and dreamer...

JeniG Kalikotpepot

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