Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nothing to Fear

You are wandering like a stranger
In the middle of a recurring nightmare
Freddie Kruegger wants your soul
He will eat your body like a ghoul.

You see the shadow of the demon
And the reflection of the bloody moon
The evening star brings you a threat
Which you take as a symbol of shameful death
The howling owl and wild animals may frighten you
Their noises make you shiver and turn blue
In this silent land with a gloomy view
There's a riddle in your broken head
As you lay on the ground, feeling dead.

You are living in the dark full of stigma
But you are not as strong as Dracula
Because you feel that you have an Ebola
You cannot escape from the monster in the closet
You cannot get out from the hopeless blanket
You clothed yourself with a straight jacket
Hugging your pillow full of sorrow
It seems that there is no tomorrow.

Nothing to fear
Free yourself from great despair
Heavenly creatures will care
Do not be afraid of the curse of the night
For, like your haunted thoughts and weary plight
Fear dwells only on your mind
To the truth, your eyes are blind
Do not hang your hope in the tamarind
Nothing to fear in the direction of the wind.

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