Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rock & Roll Love

Love is rock & roll!
Every beat and lyrics is powerful
Shaking my world that me tremble
It penetrated in the depth of my soul.

My love is also a burning guitar
Illuminating like a scintillating guitar
You're near even if you're afar
I think of you during peace and war.

Babe, my heart is wild and aggressive
I'm sorry, if my music is alternative
Others can't understand because they're naive
Because of you I became creative.

The luggage in my brain became heavier
Sometimes I'm tired of being headbanger
Even slam dance can't make make me bolster
Living without you gives me a fever.

I like the rock ballad of Freddie Mercury
Yes, you're the Queen of my whole identity
Anguish and loneliness has gone easily
Since I was enchanted by your beauty.

You know, I'm a frustrated musician
Playing with words like a magician
Rock & Roll is illusive and sublime
It will never cease till the end of time!

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