Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Age Testimony

Great Babylon, mother of harlots has risen!
City of Rome where false doctrines are existing
Sodom and Gomorah today will be seen
From sin cities whose attribute are the same.
Hypocrisy and boastfulness always abound
In every belief and sect that are around
There’s a deceiving in the false prophet’s cunning
By his glib, the secrets of darkness were hidden.

In these last days the evil is recognized
For the day is nearer that give us big fright
Others will pave the way of anti-Christ
And worship the beast who has a great pride.

But you’re chosen in God’s sight
Be vigilant and steadfast is my advice
My brethren you need to always be wise
In this wicked world don’t compromise.

Because we are bought by a great price
We are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ
And we know the pit of destruction is wide
But salvation is given to all upright.

Since 33 A.D. when the Christians were despised
They were persucuted, mocked and criticized
Throw them all sort of evils and lies
To distort the truth and deprive them of their lives.

Thousands of witnesses were sacrificed
Not for men or religion they testified
But for the sake of Gospel they also died
Like Christ in Mt. Golgotha where he was crucified!

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