Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shotgun, Baby

My heart was broken when you used a gun
You made a crime but you've escaped and ran
I’m mourning for our love ends in a span
You went with other guy to have fun.

When you left me I've felt that I’m dead
Because you shot a bullet upon my head
You’re not contented and lashed my rib by double blade
Because you shot a bullet upon my head.

Sometimes in our lives were like a soldier
We fought against destruction and never surrender
We always triumph in every battle
But you've betrayed me and became a rebel.

I deemed that our love is powerful than the universe
But I don’t know you might give me a curse
I think you’re sent from Heaven, an amazing grace
But my world became smaller, there’s an empty space.

I don’t know what’s my fault, where I was wrong
Maybe that’s you’re attitude, you’re not too strong
Oh, girl are you listening to this awful song?
It will shiver into your nerves and bones.

It’s true that love will drive us crazy
We will not live alone, we really need somebody
But it hurts when I found a deceitful honey
Kill me now literally by shotgun, baby!

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