Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Perfect Dust

You are not a shadow that follows behind my back
Every moment my path is always blocked
I am walking at the edge of precipice
It seems that I am living in a world without peace.
You are not a charcoal that burns through the fire
Nor an audacious person with a dirty desire
But your gray color was made by the grave
A reminder that our lives will someday fade.

The veracity of life we can never deny
That one day you will also say goodbye
How could you be lonesome and cry?
The chirping birds will make you smile
Remember that the world also offers
ethereal peace and great happiness
akin to the goodness that comes from above.

We are perfect dust
With ashes inside our flesh
Humans were made from ashes
Someday we will begone like the withering bushes
But there is light in the midst of darkness
We can tame the wild beast in the wilderness
Tigers, lions and jackals will be our comforter
The manna from heaven will ease our hunger
No more winter nor summer
Only the sweet memory of December.

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