Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Let Me Die in Your Arms

I'm at peace when I'm lying in your arms
As I look at your face full of charms
It seems that I'm living in a farm
No animals around that will do us harm.

It's a beautiful day when I'm with you
As I see the rainbow with its layered hue
You are the landscape with wonderful view
With every dream you are my morning dew.

You are the force that makes me enliven
When I hear your voice it seems that I'm in heaven
From the abyss you rescued me where I had fallen
From the grave of sorrow I am risen.

Let me die in your arms, honey
Deep inside my heart you're my sanctuary
Your presence gives me tranquility
Let us feel the sweetness of life with its brevity
Feel my love, kiss me tenderly
Living without you is a life of futility.

In your hands, my soul has been sold
I want to be with you till I grow old
You're all I ever wanted in this world 
I'm with you till the end of our roads.

In your arms I'll die like an innocent child
There's no despondency, no more pride
I'll die happily because I'm fulfilled inside
In my heart you'll always abide.

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