Monday, November 10, 2014

When the Feeling is Gone (Endless Love)

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."

If you are only capable to read my mind
You will know all the secrets behind
With my affection and action I've became blind
But I won't depart from the path that I want to find
I was enlightened by fervent love during this time
With your comely name was already signed
A topic of my poem that is full of rhyme.

I'm timid and silent but inside of this
My consciousness was screaming don't you notice
Always pondering that you're only the best
Just thinking of you gives me a different kind of peace
I won't regret even if my youth will be a waste
Whatever challenges come my way I'm ready to face
To perish because of you is still so sweet to taste.

Remember this when the feeling is gone
All my life will become mess and undone
With the melancholy I will be drowned
I'll never smile again and just always frown
Because you're my only happiness and love one
I will trudge in the crossroad of despond
To embrace, kiss and bury on the hollow ground!

Honey, do you believe that we are predestined?
From the obscure vision that was never seen
Although against our will it will never happen
Like a failures that made our hopes broken
Every man has somebody who has been chosen
To be his partner whatever destiny is given
I wish you're the one I've been praying from heaven.

Maybe I'm not your ideal person whom you've been dreaming
Because I'm not an intellectual and good looking
My love is more sublime and powerful than those things
A paragon of submissiveness, it's real and deceiving
Yes! You're my inspiration in my day to day living
Thank you for the tranquility that you bring.

Even if you'll hurt me I'm still here
Or I just could cry thousands of bitter tears
I'll persevere to overcome my greatest fear
Who can defeat me even when I have nothing to spare?
Ah, the brevity of time is absolutely unfair
My existence is once and someday I'll disappear

Without nothing except the love for you, my pearl...

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