Monday, November 10, 2014

Cold Conflagration

There's a flame inside that will be extinguished
It is very chilly, full of pain and anguish
The desire of your heart has been wet
In the darkness you're toppled and upset.

One that becomes hot is your temper
Because your dreams flew like an ember
The atmosphere was cold as in December
Since your schemes were shattered.
Yesterday , you walked on cobblestone
The ashes fell with a brimstone
Looking for a way towards a right fight
But there were many setback and athwart.

Always we want the fire to embrace
But we are the losers and blazed
Pessimism conveys life with ambiguity
A perception that leads to insanity.

Why don't be enliven under the sun?
Strengthen our soul, to live us one
My comrade, let us back the wildfire
Don't hurt ourselves through the electric wire.

There's astounding hit that will endow
To erase our lukewarm, coldness and sorrow
The spitfire upon us will also obviate
We must feel the burning fire of our faith.

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