Monday, November 10, 2014

Joyful Sorrow

I found you in a rainy day in the month of July
During the time when my heart was already dry
But you refreshed it, in August I opened myself
In September I received from you that special gift.

Your presence radiates blissfulness
I thought you're the one who will ease my loneliness
I prayed to the heavens for your intimate love
Because my feelings for you are true, without any doubt.

I offered my life and dreams for you
Even the promises of the colorful rainbow
Look at the birds where they are flying
I'm with them while they are singing.

But my heart became blue as the obscure clouds
You lied me when you said that I am your love
You only accepted me because of pity
And you realized that you need to be free.

I am crying man drowning in the rain
How can I bear this exquisite pain?
Once I wish that i will never hurt again
But on this moment you made my life vain.

In your arms I felt joyful sorrow
Is this the prize for dreaming a sweet tomorrow?
With me you've not contented and happy
Living in pretension, full of secrecy.

My love, thank you for being kind
Even though you cannot see through me 'coz your heart is blind
Yes, I love you but this feeling I could never insist
Remember me even when I no longer exist.

Release me from the prison that we made
I set you free even if I am wounded by your blade
It hurts to say goodbye to the one that I really love

But for your happiness I'll lose everything I have.

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