Monday, November 10, 2014

Living in His Own World

You hated yourself because you felt that your life was all vanity
An illusion you made, a product of your insanity
Sometimes you think that you’re flying like a bird
A delusion due to the drugs you took affected your head.

Every time when you were drunk and asleep
You’re attacked by so many nightmares that you can’t accept
Thinking that there’s a monster in your hallucination
You’re a victim, running away from a frightful situation.

You’re a man who always blame everybody
You’re such a pity, it seems you’re going crazy
As many bad things play into your mind
Maybe your spirit is lost because you’ve become blind.

Detach from your own world full of grays and blacks
You’re doomed when you’ll not flee from sin and wrath
Walking along in the midst of the path of destruction
For you to commit suicide is the only solution.

You asked, “What’s the meaning of my existence?
Please, answer my question in a short sentence.”
There’s a time for everything my confused friend
Don’t fool yourself, your suffering will soon end.

Despondency was gone as you cried in bed
He acknowledged you when your hope has totally subsided
You don’t want to see anymore when you close your eyes
The agony that is with you as you said goodbye!

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