Monday, November 10, 2014

Watch the World How to Die

Look at the people in your surroundings
With bad scenes happening every morning
They will never stop from crying
They have wounded hearts that are aching.

Do you hear the voice of this generation?
The sound of many violence and confusion
Hunger and poverty is present in every nation
Our society is in the brink of devastation.

I’m not a prophet with a clear vision
Nor a soothsayer to tell your fortune
How can we unite only with one opinion?
If with our neighbor we feel oblivion.

Watch the world how to die!
A dark age with many murders and crimes
Angst and pain that kills our smile
All we can do is sigh.

I am asking for great mercy from Heaven
Praying that the people will not be condemned
Despite of their wicked ways, to forgive their sins
I don’t want to hear the melody of requiems.

Please, give me courage, hope and peace today
While I can still breath and work every day
For I know that I will be forever absent someday
To sleep in a grave all night and day…

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