Monday, November 10, 2014

Tame the River

Fate, tame the river of my existence
Please, control those streams of penitence
Don’t let my boat sink from every trouble occurrence
Lead my mind’s frame from violence.

Tame the river of my anxieties and anger
In the river of life there is always a monstrous disaster
Defeat my weaknesses with unbeatable power
So I can stand like one before of a breakwater.

Oh, rivulet, rivulet that flows like my unsure destiny
Mercifully treat my disturbed heart upon this journey
Make me pure in spite of the truth that I’m dirty
Delight my soul in a world full of insanity.

I know that life is a survival of fittest
That is why I persevere to do my best
No need to sleep, no time for rest
Because the problems of life serves as an undying test.

Make me a river that always calms
Even though I cannot find good fortune in palms
It seems that I am a beggar always asking for alms
Can’t you see that I have broken arms?

Time will come and the river will no longer flow
It will be overcome by the winds that blow
Even when you look at the sky you won’t see a rainbow
Into the vast of ocean, the river’s current will throw

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