Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Au Revoir

I always see your face in my images
Our past was truly bed of roses
It’s fantastic when we started our stories
I’m sinking from those good memories.

I miss your kindness and sweet kisses
But there’s no hug which equal to loneliness
Don’t you know that my life is in crisis?
My wrecked heart was cut into pieces.

I listen to our favorite music
Even it is old it becomes classic
Since you were gone, you made me sick
I’m longing from your love, I’m an addict.

I always hear your voice in my ear
The wind is gently blowing in the air
The wind is gently blowing in my hair
I don’t see you since you disappeared
I want to find you, but where my dear?

My dream has to fly beyond the sky
The depths of the sea, I ant it to become dry
To search my love, it’s better to die
To see in Heaven, there’s nothing goodbye.

My love, wait for me, see you in eternity
I’ll also leave this world of cruelty
But what can I do if you don’t know me
Ah, be my angel although to love is never free.

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