Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why Do We Have to Love?

Why do we have to appreciate and admire?
These little things will soon turn into desire
Which we cannot extinguish like a blazing fire
Until we are lost and drowned into the mire.

Why we are so bold and beyond compare?
Despite the imminent danger we never care
With the person we love our lives we want to share
But with the naked dream is only a nightmare.

Why do we have to love and cry?
As we ask the heavens without knowing why
From the very start we cannot say goodbye
It is our fault because we cannot break the tie.

From the underground we hear the voice of Edgar Allan Poe
The Nightingale died but the Raven came too
Illusion and frustration become our mortal foe
Because our fantasies will never come true.

In the midst of the night we are like zombies
We buried ourselves and created our own cemeteries
We are willing victims of human infirmities
Our hearts are shattered like scattered pennies.

We are like ghost and the chilly wind
Visiting and blowing in the darkest end
We deceive ourselves even when we cannot pretend
In a world of make believe, we cannot pretend.

Shamefulness and self pity is in our side
In our eyes the painful truth can never hide
At the edge of despondency we will marry our bride
We are totally destructed and tortured deep inside.

It is better to be numb and calloused
When we will only be wounded and double-crossed
In this experiment we are just an apparatus
Which kill ourselves like a lifeless fetus.

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