Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Kiss of Death

Life is melting like a fragile candle
Everyday we confront many struggle
In the air we built a pseudo-castle
While blowing the broken bugle.

Yet death is a sweet invitation
Why should you cry for a dead person?
Don't utter any bad expostulation
This is a part of our destination.

The kiss of death is saccharin
Like a sweet sound of the violin
Don't grieve for their remains
They're only sleeping in coffin.

There's no requiem or elegy
The song of death must be euphony
I wanna hear the ethereal melody
To symbolize the life with glory.

The hue of death is white not black
Like the painting of niche which made of rock
Even the skeleton of the dead has dislock
Their undying memory will never crack.

Kiss me now and take my breath away
Throw the ashes of my body in the bay
Then paint the clouds with silver gray
Consecrate me the smell of new-moon-hay!

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