Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tomorrow I Could Fly Again

Today I’m lost in the middle of nowhere
I only fall when 
I tried to be on top
That’s why I have wounds over my body
I’m getting exhausted and I almost died.

My friend, don’t be afraid if you’ll see
That I’m finding it hard to fight
I’m only conditioning myself
to regain all of my strength,
I know I’ll live again
And bring back my high spirit,
For life is a never ending struggle
If I’ll stop I’ll become
a totally loser, full of regrets
and heartaches.

Tomorrow I could fly again,
Souring in the sky as high as 
I can be
Every dream that I have relies only on my hands
It will never come true if I do nothing
So, let me continue my journey,
for the fulfillment of my being.

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