Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Rejoice! For you were not born at all
You’ll always be a baby so small
With perfect body and soul
No one will disturb your deep silence
You’ll never experience hardship nor penitence
For life on earth is full of sacrifice
The rule is survival of the fittest; be wise
The weak and the poor will be gone clearly
From the hands of what we call humanity.

Rejoice! For you will not sin anymore
Your heart will always remain pure
Heaven is your destiny
Not this world full of enmity
It is alright even if you’ll not see the beauty
Of the trees , the moon and stars in the galaxy
Heaven is more beautiful than those things
There is no need to ask for anything.

Oh, kiss our spirits, little cherubim
Pray for us when you see us dying
For you have already seen the face of God
Send our message to the one above
To help us in all kinds of adversities
To live in this world joyfully
And not to measure our lives with money
For we are the sons of a beggar
Who doesn’t know how to be a Superstar.

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