Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Once in a Lifetime Pals

Always we meet so many strangers
We have shared our sorrow and laughter
When they became our pal and comforter
But time and destiny really make sunder.

Saying farewell it means stoning to death
Because you feel that its hard to breathe
From deep somber you will also agitate
You're gradually exhausting like a cigarette.

People come and go but they will never stay
They always get out from their way
Wishing that you'll find them someday
To bring back what happened yesterday.

Love ones and friends gave us different smile
They're near even if the distance is hundred miles
From their faces and presence you will sigh
Like a sleepy child, longing for lullaby.

The memories will dwell into your heart
Because in your life they became a part
Relationship is perennial, an undying art
Even it ends, the foundation is stalwart.

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