Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Water Lily

I want to be a water lily in the fish fund
I no longer want to be a cactus that grows in the sand
Through the deep waters I will stand
A water lily that floats like a swan and sea gull
While looking at the magical crystal
Find repose on the water bed
Perturbation will keep inside my head

‘Till I find the forgotten seaweeds
I want to play with the green algae and fishes
As I feel the flowing wind in its freshest
For life on earth is full of unrest
The birds will sing a lullaby
Like the butterflies will give their sweetest smile
No water snake can harm me through the day
With the promise of sun and rain it is enough to lay
I am a man with an outlandish aim
To be a common water lily with a simple dream…

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