Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Midnight Poem

I want to build my realm in the wilderness
To free myself, out from these loneliness
I will sit in a throne wrought by stones and weeds
And reign over the animals and trees.

But my naked soul roaming in a barren field
Full of regrets with a shout upon my head
Like a soldier slain in the battle field
I'm torn and wrecked with thus fragile shield.

Feed my starving mind with a rare story
I can't sleep in a bed of melancholy
Silence makes noise to arouse my memory
They're always back like a thousand history.

I wish you could understand
About the decision I can't merely stand
Forgive me for the fault I've done
I'm too weak to extend a helping hand.

It's time to restrain and forget our grudge
Just let love, dwell into your heart
Even if we are living in a world full of contrast
Just always remember that we are only dust.

Please, give me a happy poem
Never mourn, face the raging storm
Maybe our lives will not last long
As life goes on...

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