Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Deep Silence

Silence is an unfathomable deep sea
Even the human mind can't grasp its mystery
The land of silence is like a gloomy cemetery
Where lives are buried in its final sanctuary.

Silence is like the gentle wind that always whispers
In our isolation we cannot hear the singing zephyrs
We always looks for one thing or another
That will touch our souls to make us feel better.

Deep silence is a secret locked inside a box
That will never be broken by the blow of an ax
It will only fade in the trunks of doubts
Nobody can express from their sacred mouths.

Silence growls in this deep, deep midnight
While the burning stars are so bright
I've fallen from the sky to make noises
With the spirit of poetry I was possessed.

Silence conspired with me to make a song
To give sweet music into my lonely home
Though I am so weak I feel so strong
With the deep silence that comes from the moon.

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