Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spider Love

This is the place that reminds me
I still remember our dulcet memory
I feel the wind that blows gently
Touching my emotions, longing for you, baby.

We were lying in the weeds which filled of love
We had serenity, far from the confusion of mob
Dreaming that we will fly like a dove
To reach the clouds and open the heaven's knob.

There's a blooming flower in the garden
When we were dreary this was our haven
When we were together we became enliven
Even if the world was full of threaten.

Yesterday our love was built upon the rock
Our relationship was firm anf no deadlock
If I'm with you I like to stop the hour of clock
I can't forget you if I had a mental block.

But now my heart is floating in the river
I'm so wet, my soul is already shivered
In our rendezvous I never hear our laughter
Since you feft me my life is shatte
The heaven poured his great shower
I was blessed although I'm a former sober
My heart was fulfilled like a stream of river
When I'm feeling small, you're my tower
My fortitude that will give me power.

You're the nonstop music that I always hear
My comforter when I'm down and in despair
Because of you I can conquer my fear
An angel who'll dry up all my tears.

Your fragrance is smelling like a flower
Your sweetness will stay forever
I think your venom is like that  of a spider
You made me sick, I got fever
But in every wound, you're my pain-killer.

Your beauty is hot like a crater
If you'll love me I'm ready to suffer
I will overthrow all the stupid hinder
I'll die for you like a suicide bomber
Remember my love, I'm not a hijacker.

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