Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dying in Pain

Every time when we are down and depressed
We like to kill ourselves, forever be at rest
In the other side of life ,maybe there’s a peace
But we will realize that this is only a test.

Our mind is screaming because of exquisite pain
We feel that we will become mad and insane
Sunshine did not shine because of rain
In the storms of life we always complain.

With ourselves we have anger, we blame
We lost our temper even our being tame
We can’t picture equanimity in our mind’s frame
We denied it like a man without a name.

In the depth of the ocean we are sinking
We can lost our hope because of craving
We will stumble and fall while swelling
All seems dark like the face of evening.

So many bitter tears running down on us
But still fighting although the world is unjust
We felt that the destiny have a bias
But the pain on us will not stay until the last.

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