Wednesday, November 12, 2014


When I looked up in the sky
I’ve felt dizzy because it’s so high
I have broken wings, I can’t fly
I’m so little and it makes me cry.

When I was falling in love with my honey
I hoped that she will give me glory
But she pushed my life into misery
I’m broken-hearted with self-pity.

I was rejected by those 
high society
They’re king in their own 
I’m a victim of their greed policy
A broken system in this rotten country.

I grew up from a 
broken home
There’s no pillar, it’s brittle like a bone
I always lost whenever there’s a storm
Can I build a house made of a 
concrete stone?

My feet was wounded of a broken glass
My veins were bleeding when I was slashed
Back-fighter man took advantage on my trust
I’m so hurt and I want him to be smashed.

It’s so great when I used a broken hymen
It’s hot when I reach the zenith of heaven
At this time it’s hard to find a pure diadem
Every people were sucked by modernism.

My dreams are shattered and were gone astray
I have broken tears when I was dismayed
I’m a wild flower bloomed at the month of May
Broken promises of others is only a play.

They said, I’m a poet with many faces
My ideas are cut into many pieces
I can only create broken images
Like a vague prophet who is meaningless.

I want to mold again all the broken things
The broken hope will leave in this evening
There’s a new hymn that I would like to sing
My world I’ll become whole without breaking.

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