Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Hate Beauty

They said life is so beautiful
Full of merriment, full of joy
Even if you're digging in the soil
It's alright even in the hardship,
your body is boiled
At the end you'll harvest a bountiful
To bear all the fruit of your toil.

The view on earth is like heaven
They assumed this is a garden of Eden
But this is not for us, my brethren
We can only dream and get this by pen
The land ownership is for elite men
In this world they will forever reign.

In the beauty of flower I was deceived
I regret very much, why I'm conceived
Pain and misery this is what I received
Now I don't know how can I relieve
In this make-believe I don't want to live
Begone! Begone! Why she doesn't leave?

For the false beauty my mind was consecrated
They're not a goddess but I venerated
When I chose to be liberated
But my foundation became dilapidated
I become a fanatic in that fragile creed
In the deep excavation I was embedded.

But there's a true beauty in loneliness
With myself they will be always honest
Even I'm depress and my life is a mess
There's a fountain of rigidity on my breast
Not like the pseudo-beauty that want me to tease
To an ugly like me without a kiss!

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