Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Go Beyond the Distance

Go beyond the distance no matter how far
Follow the desire of your heart through the guiding star
Be brave and walk with faith
Even when you’re crossing a perilous lake
Or in the crossroads of bitterness
You’re the only one who control your consciousness.

You may stumble and fall
Life is not only made to be enjoyed
But an outdoor of many troubles
All you have to do is defeat them all
Yes, you will be wounded in some fights
But don’t cry and never lost your sight
A midst darkness there are innumerable lights.

You’re not a loser, so, don’t quit
Even champions experience many mistakes
But they learned until they made it perfect
For life is a continual process of learning
There’s a lesson even in a simple thing.
Strengthen yourself yo be advanced
The reality of your thoughts relies on your hands
Go ahead now! Walk, run, jump and dance
Sway to your own steps ‘till you reach the distance.

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