Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Out of Control

It seems that this body is out of control
I feel that I will fall from the fifth floor
I cannot find myself, where is my soul?
I cannot control my mind asking me to run and jump
As I think of many things in front of a lamp.

If writing is a special gift
In the vessel of oblivion I don't want it kept
My life is an open book to my fellowmen
Sacredness is found in the clarity of pen.
I cannot control my thoughts, feelings and ideas
They are singing in my mind like a thousand orchestras
I cannot control the words that flow within me
As the wind keeps on blowing silently
As the wave rocks the restless sea
As I express my admiration to  things
that are full of beauty.

No one can grasp and restrain
What I want to express vividly
No rules  can ever dictate me
This is not anarchism, shut up Authorities!
From the tiresome system of the world
I want  to be free.
I will write poem until I recover my brain
Until I lose my mind and had gone insane
Effusion always manifest itself in time
Like the undying hymn and sounds of rhyme.

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