Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I'm a man who escaped in a shipwrecked
Ran away from a perilous lake
My life was gloomy and bleak
The storms of life made me weak
My path became different and freak.

I'm not envious for what they have
I'm only asking for an absurd love
A love that is white like a dove
This is what I'm praying from above
Don't under estimate me and treat like a squab.

Please, endow vigor upon my soul
My hope and effervescent is too small
From the pain I've gotten I was scrawled
I'm fallen apart on a deep hole
My face is full of mud and soil.

Behold at my body, I'm naked or nude
Emptiness is killing me during my solitude
Asking fir tranquility and beatitude
I know that I have also a magnitude
I'm not good for nothing, I need fortitude.

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