Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blue Sky Morning

I'm like an owl with ingenuity
Answering many questions hastily
I know all the secrets and mistery
Even in the midst of darkness I can see
To the other birds I'm their majesty
But my life seems vain and empty.

Evey day I confront the thorn of rose
I was wounded under my toes
Lying on the weeds, lonely and morose
The garden of paradise was already disclosed
I can't carry burden, a heavy cross
I'm only a human, nothing to boast.

In evening, I want you to go away
I don't want to talk in a narrow way
Don't make a sepulchre with color gray
Even if I die and my body will decay
In Heaven I want my soul to retray
When I leave the mundane life
that once I've been love intentionally.

Please, come with me now, blue sky morning
I want to see that your sun is shing
While the wind and trees are humming
In the rfirmament it's good to fling
I will fly if I have only a wing
In the journey of life I've lost everything.


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