Monday, November 10, 2014


I'm a fallen star which came from heaven's door
Maybe she doesn't love me because I'm poor
All her longings, I can't afford
In my arms she was not happy but bored.

I gave my soul and my whole life
But I was wounded by her knife
I'm seeking for mercy, do what is right
Blistering sun, give me the light.

Oh, she deceived me, she deceived me
Like a magician full of trickery
Yes she deceived me. she deceived me
Like a gambler in the dark city.

For her, I'm only a sacrificial lamb
My heart was hit by a bomb
She lost her feeling that's very crumb.

Before other people she puts me on shame
But I don't want her to blame
I can't forget the memory of pain
Every time I see the falling rain.

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