Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hear ye! Evil voices speak out
Crocodiles in the cities have a big mouth
Indomitable usurpers are very stout
In their golden throne they only laugh.

Humanness and justice do not prevail
Victims of crime, all they can do is bewail
But they have the right to stand and assail
For the vehement ideology is not frail.

War against them, it seems an illusion
They have a sovereignty to be in dominion
Ah, dirty politics in this institution
Powerful nation has always made an intrusion.

Bewilderment will never ease until the last
If the subordinate people wouldn’t trust
History repeats itself, the story of the past
Masses will arise to put away the mask.

Let us asunder the manacle chain
We are not puppets that have no brain
You and I will overthrow the villain
Unity and brotherhood kill all the pain. 

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