Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Close Encounter With Tado Jimenez: Not Your Ordinary Comedian


                 He is Arvin Jimenez, also known as Tado, a truly Marikeño although he is a native of Leyte. If you know him personally, you will learn that he is not just a comedian. Maybe he looks funny because of his style: a long haired guy with thick sunglasses. But this man has a lot of skills and talent. Aside from being a comedian, he is also a host, event organizer, businessman, biker and many more.

                 Only a few people know that Tado is also an activist. If there is a social or political issue, he is very vocal with his opinions. He empathizes with the masses because he also came from a poor family and understands the sentiments of the people. Maybe this was also the reason why he ran for councilor but, unfortunately, he lost. Some of his townmates did not take his candidacy seriously. If they only knew, Tado was very serious about his advocacy -  to serve the people of Marikina City. Yes, he might have lost but for sure he will continue what he started.
                We already know that Tado is the owner of the popular t-shirt brand called Limitado. It was seven years ago since he was started his store, but until now it is still alive and kicking, just like Tado’s status in the showbiz industry. Every now and then, his name rings like a bell to us. Aside from t-shirts, Limitado also offers other merchandise like books, CDs, accessories, dolls or stuffed toys the designs of which were derived from Tado’s image himself. If you will go to his store, you can also order drinks. He set up his store like a mini bar. You could hang out there and talk to Tado if he is inside his store. If not, Leah Jimenez or Lei, his wife will assist you, guys. There is also a band studio inside his store. If you have a band, you can rehearse there. By the way, he also has an in-house tattoo artist, so, if you want to get inked, make an appointment with them.

                 I met Tado in 2008 when I interviewed him about his business. I can say that Tado is a really nice and down-to-earth person. During the interview, he also cracked jokes. The way he delivered his punchline was very natural. I learned that Tado was a former writer for PTV 4 and also a publisher of a newspaper called Asintado. He is also a poet and one time he invited me when he conducted a poetry reading outside Kapitan Moy. His favorite poet is Pablo Neruda and our very own Rio Alma. His daughters are also art lovers, who are talented in writing and drawing.

                 In terms of writing, Tado also became a book author under Psicom Publishing. He already published two books. I am happy that I became a part of this project. Before that, I requested him to write a blurb for my book Adik sa Facebook. He agreed and when it was already printed I gave him a complimentary copy. He asked me if I could negotiate with the publisher because he also wants to write a book. The publisher became interested with his proposal. After many months his book Nag-iisa Lang Ako was released and it had made an impact. Tado surprised the public with his talent in writing.

                 One time, Tado invited me to drop by his internet radio program. That time his groupBrewrats Republic had a program in PinoyTuner located in Makati. A few weeks later I came without notifying that I will arrive. Without hesitation, Tado welcomed me and I promoted my book. Ramon Bautista was absent that time but Erning or Angel Rivero was there and I gave him a complimentary of my books. I hope she kept it. I was with Audie Avenido of Greyhoundz and from then he met Tado. My fightfighter friend was also there and took a picture for me.


                 Anyway, I contributed an article for his second book entitled Bio-Eulogy ni Tado Jimenez. His idea is very unique: who among us already think about collecting eulogies while we are still alive? And for the second time, he made again a blurb for my other book entitled Tagay, Kapatid! 

Kampai for Tado on his journey as an artist and with the other roles he is portraying.

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