Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quench My Thirst

I want to drink in the fountain of life
I’m looking for peace that’s not causing strife
I was quenched by the strong and might
My home, sweet home was eaten by termites.
To the goddess Naiad I want to implore
Quench my thirst, give me water which is pure
I don’t like seas water while I’m in the shore
Even in the ocean will allure & demure.

I don’t want to be drunk by the fundador and whiskey
To escape from reality, to feel equality
I’m a victim of our social malady
Who can consecrate me as the real remedy?
Siberian wind makes me lonely and shiver
Where is the gentle wind, the zephyr?
My soul was attacked by the tsunamis invader
I was criticized by the judgmental faultfinder.

There's always a reckoning and a word war
My thoughts were missed like a broken jar
I don’t want to quaff veil with vinegar
Give me piece of love because I’m a beggar.
The spirit of Li Po opened my minds door
Moonshadow reflected in the water’s mirror
I was sunk in the rivers core
Waters reservoir quenches, my thirst is no more!

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